Sonoma Art Exhibition Now Thru October 19, 2021

This public Sonoma Art Exhibition is a partnership between Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and the City of Sonoma.  This art exhibition presents eight large-scale sculptures by four major artists from diverse backgrounds. Bruce Beasley, Catherine Daley, Peter Hassen, and Jun Kaneko are the featured artists.

A Delicate Balance” is on view at the Sonoma Plaza.  Exploring the equilibrium between the fragile and the solid, nature and technology, and humankind and science.  The installation contains a variety of mediums, forms, and genres.  Each of which remind us of the delicate balances of life as we consider how our world has changed over the past year.

This is the fourth public art exhibition staged in recent years by the museum. The first — a collection of large industrial sculptures from renowned metalist Albert Paley — was installed through the summer of 2017. In 2018, “Natural Affinity” was mounted, featuring bronze woodland animals and other creatures. That same year, word art by artist Laura Kimpton was installed in front of city hall as a way of acknowledging the community’s literal trial by fire. That piece, four filigreed letters spelling L-O-V-E, proved to be a selfie-magnet for tourists and locals alike.

“A Delicate Balance” will be on view through Oct. 19. A formal opening reception featuring some of the artists is scheduled for some time in June, pending Centers for Disease Control guidelines. “Providing public art fulfills SVMA’s mission of building community around art,” Keaton said. “(We’re) pleased to partner with the City of Sonoma to bring the art of such diverse and stellar artists.”

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