Live From Sonoma’s webcam is located on the southeast corner of Sonoma Plaza.

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There’s a new way to look at Sonoma, as from the aerie of an eagle or the roost of a robin: a bird’s eye view of the corner of East Napa and First Street East, looking across to the Sonoma Plaza. It’s Live from Sonoma, a stationery video camera streaming a live feed on the World Wide Web 24 hours a day. “Watch here the amazing bustle of the Sonoma Plaza as the seasons unfold on your desktop via our live webcam,” reads the breathless description at

Sonoma Plaza WebCamMounted on the second-story roof of the building leased by the Sonoma International Film Festival (with Maya Restaurant at street level), the camera looks down on the busy intersection as pedestrians cross the streets (usually in the crosswalks) and cars come to a complete legal stop at the stop signs (not nearly as often).