Sonoma Plaza is a National Historic Monument

The eight-acre park, filled with stately trees and pedestrian paths has at its center the Sonoma City Hall. Surrounding the Plaza are numerous shops, restaurants and historical sites. The charming small-town character of Sonoma continues to attract and captivate travelers from around the globe.

Early Days

Sonoma Plaza was designed over 150 years ago by the Mexican Governor Mariano Vallejo.

Sonoma Plaza History

The Last Mission

Sonoma Plaza represents several important events in California’s history. On July 4, 1824, Mission San Francisco Solano de Sonoma, the last of the chain of 21 missions, was founded by Father Jose Altimira.

Mission San Francisco Solano - Sonoma Plaza

Bear Flag Revolt

The end of Mexican control of California was precipitated by an event that occurred in Sonoma Plaza. In June 1846, a party of settlers occupied Sonoma Plaza, proclaimed a Republic of California, and raised the Bear Flag — the inspiration for the state flag of California.

Bear Flag Revolt - Sonoma Plaza

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